Library at the Department of Asian Studies

Library for the Field of Chinese Philology

Located in room number 3.54, tř. Svobody 686/26 (Department of Asian Studies, 3rd floor).

Tel. +420 585 63 3536 (Mgr. Kateřina Szokalová, Mgr. Bc. Jarmila Fiurášková)

The Chinese library at the Department of Asian Studies will be opened in new premises from 24th of February 2014.

The opening hours during the summer semester of 2014 are:

  •  Mon: 9:45 - 18:15
  •  Tue: 9:45 - 18:15
  •  Wed: 9:45 - 18:15
  •  Thurs: 9:45 - 18:15
  •  Fri: closed
  •  During public holidays the library is closed

For borrowing and returning of books, and any queries and requests related to the library please contact the library via email:

The library has the following available:

  • Domestic and foreign publications related to China and Chinese studies (literature, linguistics, history, anthropology, geography, religion, etc.).  You will find the list of publications available below.
  • A large selection of dictionaries
  • Magazines

For viewing of catalogues (which are continually updated):

  • The catalogue is now divided into three parts, available here: Czech, English and Chinese (around 2,700 titles and shared documents have been catalogued which can be searched for via title or keywords using CTRL+F)
  • Catalogue of bound book copies (around 500 titles and shared documents have been catalogued which can be searched for via title or keywords using CTRL+F)

Explanation of Catalogue codes:

The books in the library are arranged by the main language into English, Czech and Chinese.  The English and Chinese portion of the library is further divided according to thematic classification.  The catalogue of books are divided into the following groups:

English Group

  • DN (dongnan) Southeast Asia
  • TW (taiwan) Taiwan
  • XZ (xizang) Tibet
  • XG (xianggang) Hong Kong
  • XD (xiandai) China – current issues
  • DD (dangdai) China 20th century till around 1978
  • LS  (lishi) China – Classical history
  • RW (renwu) Chinese celebrities
  • FL (falü) Law and Justice
  • ZX (zhexue) Religion and philosophy
  • XWX (xiandai wenxue) Theory of current literature
  • DY (dianying) Film
  • WX (wenxue) Literature - fiction
  • YS (yishu) Arts and crafts
  • DL (dili) Geography, flora and fauna
  • YF (yufa) Grammar

Czech Group

  • JK (jieke) undistinguished

Chinese Group

  •  HKB (hanyu - keben) Textbooks, dictionaries and other study materials
  •  HYY (hanyu - yuyan) Linguistics, language theory
  •  HJX (hanyu - jiaoxue) Pedagogy
  •  HWX (hanyu - wenxue) Theory of literature
  •  HXS (hanyu - xiaoshuo) Fiction by author
  •  HXSX (hanyu - xiaoshuo xuanji) Fiction - collections
  •  HLS (hanyu - lishi) History

Additionally, the library houses bound book copies in Czech in ring binders marked with the following codes:

  •  JXS (jiekeyu - xiaoshuo) Fiction
  •  JWH (jiekeyu - wenhua) Arts, culture, philosophy
  •  JLS (jiekeyu - lishi) History and modern China
  •  JYY (jekeyu - yuyan) Language and semiotics
  •  JDL (jiekeyu - dili) Geography
  •  JWX (jiekeyu - wenxue) On literature (professional)
  •  JZF (jiekeyu - zuofan) Cookbooks
  •  JKB (jiekeyu - keben) Textbooks

Borrowing conditions for the Chinese library at the Department of Asian Studies is valid from April 1, 2012:

  • Students from the DAS may borrow up to three titles at the same time. For students and teachers from other departments and faculties, borrowing terms are agreed upon on an individual basis.
  • All materials are loaned out for 2 weeks at a time.
  • Titles on loan may be re-borrowed up to two times – either in person, by email (, or by phone (585 633536).  It is necessary to include your name, together with the title name and code of the item.  If the student does not return the book within the due date, a fine in the form of replacement work will be issued.
  • Please return all books in their original state, undamaged and without notes.

In the case that the borrowed material is lost or damaged, the borrower must replace it or pay the full price.

Occasionally, items may be required to be returned earlier, which will be communicated to the borrower via their university email account; it is the responsibility of the student to check their e-mail regularly.


We kindly ask for everyone to respect the lending periods so that the books remain available to all interested individuals.  Thank you for your understanding.

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