Practical Experience

Professional practical experience (Japanese section of the Department of Asian Studies)

Contact person/coordinator for all work experience of the Japanese section: Bc. Martin Lavička, M.A. [e-mail:]

Students of Japanese Studies can enrol into three different types of professional work experience to gain credit points, and these are distinguishable by the following codes:

  1. ASJ/OPF (Professional practical experience in a Japanese company, 3 credit points),
  2. ASJ/OPV (Professional practical experience – teaching Japanese, 4 credit points, teaching Japanese outside of UP)
  3. ASJ/OP (Professional practical experience - teaching Japanese, 4 credit points, teaching Japanese at UP within the subject ASJ/JZAC).

Students may undertake their practical training in a firm/company/organization for a minimum of 40 hours.  In the case of teaching Japanese, requirements are set at a minimum of 1 hour per week, not including classroom preparation, for one semester.  Professional practical experience has been secured thanks to the Japanese Studies project (reg. no. CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.0160), which assists in arranging and mediating practical experience for students at the Department of Asian Studies UP, and thus contributes to optimizing the eventual entry of graduates into the labour market. The Japanese Studies project has a portfolio of collaborating organizations including potential employers and providers of practical experience for students (e.g. Olomouc Czech Republic Onamba, Otsuka Brano or DAIKIN Brno, Brno Japanese Center, etc.).

Students that enrol into one of the subjects (ASJ/OPV, ASJ/OPV or ASJ/OP) need to contact the coordinator for work experience with whom a short interview is subsequently undertaken.  Together with the coordinator the preferred area of interest and where it shall be carried out will be defined, after which a suitable employer shall be identified.  The duration of work experience, the dates of its realization and any particular focus/specialization will all be agreed upon.  Subsequently, the work experience will be arranged and confirmed by the employer.  Before the commencement of practice the coordinator together with the employer shall discuss terms of practice (objectives, work role, performance, and rules).  Communication between the student and the employer shall be established by the coordinator.  Students will then be sent on their placement, during which the coordinator will oversee its progress.

The following documents (written on prescribed forms) shall be forwarded to the coordinator after the completion of the work experience, to enable recognition of credits:

  1. An account of the completed work experience, including – a description of activities undertaken, description of benefits and any perceived negatives, and possibilities for future integration and follow-up through the student’s current field of study;
  2. A summary of work activities;
  3. A presentation on the practical experience (from the summer semester 2014) – this shall be carried out in the Workshop for Practical Experience (see below) where students will present and assess their experience and its benefits (always held once per semester);
  4. Downloadable documents include: final report template (doc), summary of work activities (xls) and presentation template (ppt) - from summer semester 2014.

The “final report” for work experience completion and the “summary of work activities” must be endorsed by the employee’s signature and the employer’s stamp.

The “final report” template is to be used by students carrying out their work experience in both the company setting as too for those teaching Japanese.  Information within the template that is not suitable can be edited.  The overall assessment of work experience should be at least half an A4 page in length.

Workshop for Practical Experience

This workshop is held regularly twice per year at the end of the summer and winter semesters. It is intended for all students who are interested in completing their work experience during their studies at the department. At the workshop, students that have recently undertaken work experience present their experiences and are available to answer questions to the "newcomers".

Workshop dates and list of presentations

XX. XX. 2014: offer of work experience

o   student: position (pdf)


Are you interested in work experience?  Write an email to the contact person listed above.


These subjects have been innovated under the project for Japanese Studies for the Palacký University in Olomouc with a focus on modularity and application in employment, registration number CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.0160. This project is co-financed by the European Social Fund and the state budget of the Czech Republic.

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