Which fields of study can I combine with my double-major Chinese or Japanese Study Programme?
The fields guaranteed by the Department of Asian Studies (DAS) can be studied with whichever double-major bachelor’s or master’s degree study programmes at PhF UP.  It is also theoretically possible to combine these with other double-major undergraduate fields at other faculties within UP.  The most common combination is with fields taught at the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Science.

Is it possible to combine Chinese/Japanese studies with studies in Applied Economics?
Yes. In fact this combination may have very promising employment prospects.

For the study of Chinese, is it necessary to have a good musical ear?

Does the department offer any possibilities for internships or study visits during the studies?
Yes, a whole host of them. You can find information about this on our webpages in the “studying abroad” section.

Do native speakers teach at the department?
Yes, several native speakers teach Chinese and Japanese Philology, and this is the case for both the bachelor’s and master’s degree study levels.

In the case of double-major bachelor’s or master’s degree programmes, is it necessary to prepare a thesis for both branches of study?
For both bachelor and master degrees, you only prepare a thesis for one branch of study.

Are there any extracurricular or recreational activities available at the department?
Yes, many. Amongst others there are regular screenings of Chinese and Japanese films.  The Czech-Chinese Association has a branch here in Olomouc, and also there is the Japanese Club Olomouc, both of which organize lectures and other events connected with Asian culture.

What is STAG?
STAG is an electronic information and administration system, in which students create their schedules, apply to sit assessments and tests, and where they can find their fulfilled and unfulfilled study requirements.  You will find all necessary information on how to navigate STAG on the webpages for the DAS PhF UP.


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